CSAY is selling the following shirts at $10 each that are leftover from our past Paws for Prevention Walks.  If you want them shipped to you, it will be $6, or we can arrange for you to pick the shirts up.  The gray and purple shirts are a soft blend and the tie-dye shirt looks fabulous.  



Purple 2024 Paws for Prevention Shirt

Purple Shirt-SMALL $10.00
Purple Shirt-MEDIUM $10.00
Purple Shirt-LARGE $10.00
Purple Shirt-X-LARGE $10.00
Purple Shirt-2X-LARGE $10.00

Grey 2021/2022 Paws for Prevention Shirt

Grey Shirt-SMALL $10.00
Grey Shirt-MEDIUM $10.00
Grey Shirt-LARGE $10.00
Grey Shirt-X-LARGE $10.00
Grey Shirt-2X-LARGE $10.00

Tie-dye 2023 Paws for Prevention Shirt

Tie-dye Shirt-SMALL $10.00
Tie-dye Shirt-MEDIUM $10.00
Tie-dye Shirt-LARGE $10.00
Tie-dye Shirt-X-LARGE $10.00
Tie-dye Shirt-2X-LARGE $10.00