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During these unprecedented times, the isolation and feelings of helplessness and despair experienced by so many due to Covid-19 has led to an alarming rise in overdoses. In an effort to help mitigate overdose deaths, the Westmoreland Drug and Alcohol Commission is accepting requests for Narcan, which will be mailed to Westmoreland County residents in need of it.

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SPHS Behavioral Health, is a non-profit behavioral health corporation providing mental health, substance abuse, and co-occurring treatment services to adult and child/adolescent populations. SPHS Behavioral Health has more than 40 years of experience serving Southwestern Pennsylvania, providing opportunities and resources for people through a unique continuum of recovery and evidence-based treatments.

SPHS Behavioral Health’s philosophy of service is based on the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services “A Call for Change” indicating, “Recovery is a self-determined and holistic journey that people undertake to heal and grow. Recovery is facilitated by relationships and environments that provide hope, empowerment, choices and opportunities that promote people reaching their full potential as individuals and community members.” The agency is committed to this philosophy and is dedicated to a quality management and improvement process to assure this philosophy is maintained.  The quality process focuses on the overarching themes of trauma informed care; service integration; and strengths based, recovery driven treatment models.

SPHS Behavioral Health operates a multitude of substance abuse and mental health programs in Westmoreland County including but not limited to: D&A Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Treatment; DUI and Underage Drinking Services; D&A Case Management; Certified Recovery Specialists; Mental Health Outpatient Treatment and Centers of Excellence for Opioid Use Disorder. As part of our commitment to integrated services, all our programs use a comprehensive, holistic approach. Current endeavors are underway to enhance the incorporation of medical treatment in our behavioral health service array. 

MAT, Individual Treatment, Group Treatment and Specialized Group services are offered at each of the four outpatient treatment locations in Westmoreland County: Monessen, Greensburg, Latrobe and New Kensington.  Specialty therapies that include: Art Therapy, EMDR, PCIT and DBT are location specific.

Our team members can be reached at:

Greensburg 724-834-0420

Monessen 724-684-6489

Latrobe 724-532-1700

New Kensington 724-339-6860

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Mon Valley Opioid Coalition

The Mon Valley Opioid Coalition (MVOC) coalition was formed to combat the ongoing opioid epidemic in the Mon Valley area.  Colleen Hughes, Executive Director of Westmoreland Drug and Alcohol Commission and California Borough Police Chief Jim Smith co-chair the coalition.  The coalition, whose vision statement is “Uniting the Mon Valley to ensure the long-term health, safety and well-being of individuals in the region,” meets monthly at Westmoreland Drug and Alcohol Commission’s office building’s training room in Monessen.

The Westmoreland Drug and Alcohol Commission, Washington Drug and Alcohol Commission and Fayette County Drug and Alcohol Commission work together to guide the efforts of the coalition.  MVOC is data based, utilizing data in real time to determine what is most effective in combating opioid use overdoses.  The University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy Pennsylvania Opioid Overdose Reduction Technical Assistance Center, provides “concierge technical assistance” for the coalition.

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Help Yourself

Help Yourself

You have the courage to make the call. Admitting you have a substance abuse problem is a difficult step. It’s also the first step on your road to recovery.

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Help Your Loved One

You have the courage to make the call. It’s also the first step on your loved one’s road to recovery.

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