Holding Hands

Recovery Support services are available
to you through a CRS.

What is a CRS?

A CRS is a Certified Recovery Specialist who works closely with individuals in recovery to offer peer recovery supports along with the Case Management staff to assist clients. The main goal of a CRS is to focus on the recovery process.

What do they do?

The CRS support individuals into early recovery and positions them for long term success.
They work closely with an individual and their treatment provider to facilitate seamless transitions through changes in treatment to ensure that the individual remains engaged in a continuum of care.

A CRS will provide assistance accessing various community resources, such as, education, housing, transportation, recovery supports, and more.


  • Gives guidance on the recovery process and recovery education.

  • Helps to develop a Personal Recovery Plan.

  • Will provide Telephone Recovery Support.

  • Introduce and engage the client in the recovery community.

  • Provide support before, during, and after treatment.

  • Will do advocacy work.

  • Will provide outreach to individuals in early recovery.

  • Assists with Recovery Support Groups.

  • Makes referrals to the Case Management Services.

Other Recovery Supports Services Available:

  • To search for AA meeting’s in your area, go to:

  • AA meeting 24-Hour Toll-Free Hotline: 866-851-8459

  • Local Meetings:

  • For meeting by zip code, go to:

  • To search for NA meetings in your area, go to:

  • For NA meeting by zip code, go to:

  • To search for DRA (Dual Recovery Anonymous) meetings in your area, go to:

  • To search AL-Anon and Alateen meeting in your area, go to:

  • To search for Nar-Anon meetings on the web, go to:

  • To search for DRA (Dual Recovery Anonymous) meetings on the web, go to:

  • Sage’s Army

    6044 Lincoln Highway, Suite 400                                                Greensburg PA 15601

    Sage’s Army is a 501(c)(3) recovery community organization.  Our mission is to address issues related to drug and alcohol addiction by providing informational support to children and families by raising awareness one person at a time.

  • Revive & Restore Recovery Ministry

    2200 Cornerstone Lane
    Murrysville PA 15632

    Revive and Restore Recovery Ministries’ purpose is to revive those who are dead in their addiction.  To restore them to a life of Godliness, by providing positive pathways of growth and encouragement.



  • Lost Dreams Awakening (LDA):

    Lost Dreams Awakening, a recovery community organization, is a resource for those in or seeking recovery from addiction. LDA offers education/training, support and socialization to the recovery community and their family and friends. “Helping People Help Themselves”

  • Comprehensive Recovery Resources Inc.
    FAVOR-Western PA

    Bolivar Community Center
    736 Lincoln Street
    Bottom Floor
    Bolivar PA 15923
    (724) 676-2111

    FAVOR is a recovery community organization, and is a resource for those seeking recovery.  FAVOR offers educational groups, family support groups, trainings and much more.  They are advocates and passionate in fight against the Opioid Epidemic.

  • Faith Forward

    338 Main Street
    Latrobe PA 15650

    Faith Forward is a 501(c)(3) organization and has been serving Westmoreland and the surrounding communities since 2013.  They provide Christian Counseling, addiction recovery support, employment and housing assistance, life coaching, and prison release support.