In an effort to accomplish and achieve specific goals, Westmoreland Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc. (WeDAC), along with its prevention specialists and prevention provider, continuously work to sponsor various prevention programs throughout Westmoreland County.

WeDAC’s focus is to reduce risk factors associated with substance use, and to promote the development of healthy lifestyles that positively impact individuals across the lifespan, in their communities, families and schools. 

This is done through education, information dissemination, implementing alternative activities, problem identification and referral, community based processes and environmental strategies.

Our Providers

Saint Vincent College Prevention Projects (SVCPP)

The Saint Vincent College Prevention Projects, (SVCPP) established in 1978 and funded by Westmoreland Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc., provides a variety of school-based prevention programs throughout Westmoreland County and the surrounding area of southwestern Pennsylvania. SVCPP is committed to creating, promoting and strengthening wellness in people and systems to prevent Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Abuse (ATOD), violence and other socially destructive behaviors using education, early intervention and community development.

ATOD prevention education programs are conducted in classroom and small group settings in elementary and secondary schools. Proprietary programs are solidly based on current research and reflect the best practice in the field. The Prevention Projects has been systematically preparing for the delivery of evidence-based programming by reviewing curricula and having staff trained in these programs. A number of education and intervention elementary and secondary level school-based programs are available. Also available are training workshops, seminars and conferences designed to provide teachers, administrators, prevention professionals, and human services personnel with the most current ATOD prevention information.

SVCPP is a Commonwealth Approved Trainer (CAT) for Pennsylvania’s Student Assistance Program, and provides coordination, technical assistance, and team maintenance for student assistance teams and county coordination committees. Recognizing that unhealthy lifestyles could lead youth toward chemical use or abuse patterns, the Prevention Projects’ goal is to help educators, human services personnel, and other interested persons implement programs which improve decision-making abilities and promote healthy coping skills, while also providing accurate drug and alcohol information. The basic premise is that a commitment to a healthy lifestyle is, in itself, the best deterrent to ATOD abuse.

For more information contact:
Donna A. Kean, Executive Director
Saint Vincent College Prevention Projects
300 Fraser Purchase Road
Latrobe, PA 15650

Westmoreland County Student Assistance Program (S.A.P.)

The Student Assistance Program helps students overcome barriers to learning so that they achieve, remain in school, and advance. S.A.P. is an intervention program, not a treatment program, which integrates a process of information gathering of student records, classroom behavior, health concerns, and any other special areas relevant to that individual student. A certified trained team of school personnel assist students and families in seeking appropriate support services to meet the needs of the student to enhance their success in school. Parent involvement strengthens the decision making process and promotes student success. Confidentiality, between all parties involved in the S.A.P. process, shall be respected and maintained in the best interest of the student and in accordance with state and federal laws protecting the privacy rights of parents and students. For more information on the Student Assistance Program contact your local school building or the Westmoreland S.A.P. County Coordinator at 724-805-2050.  The Commonwealth Prevention Alliance Campaign to Stop Opiate Abuse